I spent a week learning the basics of Rust. As a learning experiment I decided to build a simple back-end in Rust that interacts with my front-end built in React. Rust does not have an officially supported build-pack listed at Heroku and for this reason, the deployment-process is not very well documented. It’s definitely not rocket-science, but I want to share my learnings since it took me some time to gather the resources and deploy my app successfully.

This project will build the simplest possible interaction between your front-end and back-end and deploy it to Heroku. It is my hope…

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Using GraphQL together with Apollo Client makes fetching data from your back-end a breeze. GraphQL lets you write queries for exactly what you need which makes it a strong alternative to the traditional REST API. Moreover, GraphQL is simply just fun to use. Apollo Client will live on your front end and help you retrieve data from your backend. What follows is a guide on how to get this power-trio setup and running! 💻🔥

Note: you could simply make https requests with axios or your favorite tool for the job instead of setting up Apollo Client — that way, this…

Have you ever wondered how to spin up a server using only Node? Well, look no further.

This article will show you a “Hello World” example of a server written only using Node. I will try to briefly explain the code and then show you some variations on the code.

Let’s dive right in.

Hello World example of Node server

This piece of code spins up a server that listens on localhost:3000 and prints “suh dude” to the screen. Look familiar?

This code is nearly identical to how one might write their first Express server.

The first line of code requires the built in “http”-module in…

Johan Thestrup

Swedish Software Engineer based in Tokyo 💻

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